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Citizens lash out at Federation military leadership

2008-09-02 - By Svarthol

Villore - Recovering from the shock of defeat in Luminaire, sizeable sections of the Gallentean populace have begun to call for integrity and accountability amongst Federation Navy leadership, a group they hold chiefly responsible for the disastrous military blunders of June 10th.

Just one of many recent events representing a growing crisis of faith in their own security forces, yesterday's "Citizen's Emergency Summit" held in Villore saw more than a hundred prominent Federation luminaries unite in agreement about who was to be held ultimately accountable. Jointly hosted by some of the larger subsidiaries to the major Gallente corporations, the Summit was attended by various political officials, lobbyists and even cultural icons.

Catching the attention of the Federation media however, was their unanimous agreement on petitioning President Foiritan to establish an "Emergency Integrity Commission" to ensure that, in the words of Summit host Yuriel Ascaix, "our military leadership is no less than what the Gallentean people deserve."

Influential Jin Mei lobbyist Haketa Eraine, one of many such figures to attend the Summit, was in agreement. "The people of the Federation need assurance first and foremost. It is absurd for President Foiritan to hold Admiral Eturrer solely responsible and claim that our problems are now solved. We are undoubtedly dealing with entrenched, institutional corruption and incompetence, all of which has occurred under his watch. Our military leaders and their Chief of Command have failed us. We need to be sure now more than ever that this cannot happen again."

Federation Navy officials and the President's spokespeople have made no comment on the matter at this time.