Combat Command Update now live | EVE Online

Combat Command Update now live

2020-07-28 - By CCP Convict

Commanding Capsuleers,

The Combat Command update for EVE Online is now live! Part of the Zenith Quadrant, this update introduces changes to command ships that will make more of them viable for use in fleets as key vessels, worth taking note of if you're currently involved in some serious warfare!

Acting as the start of another series of the popular regular cadence updates, the Combat Command update brings changes to command burst bonuses on attack command ships that will further differentiate them from fleet command ships.

Fleet command ship changes will focus on command burst range, with attack command ship changes focusing on command burst strength. The Eos in particular will receive a significant rework.

It's time for those under-used command ships to enjoy their moment in the limelight and take a more lasting and significant role in fleet fights when it comes to serious PvP warfare in New Eden!

Keep your eyes open for two command ship SKIN bundles coming very soon to EVE Online's New Eden Store between 30 July and 13 August, featuring stunning SKINs for the Absolution, Sleipnir, Nighthawk, Astarte, Damnation, Claymore, Vulture, and Eos!