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Combat School Celebrates 1st Year of Operation

2010-10-01 - By Svarthol

Capsuleer combat school Red vs Blue has recently celebrated their one year anniversary.

Comprised of two separate corporations maintaining a permanent war declaration, Red Vs Blue operates as one combat school, split between Red federation and Blue federation.

Skex Relbore, Director of Red federation, explains the unique approach that Red Vs Blue have to combat training; "RVB was the creation of Plave Okice to be a lasting institution dedicated to providing opportunities for easy [combat] in High Security space, and while Plave has moved on from RVB we continue to strive to remain a vibrant and active addition to New Eden. We are open recruitment doing little to no background checks and our most used ships are T1 frigs and cruisers. Our set up is two corporations locked in perpetual war for reasons long forgotten."

To date, the combat school has managed to destroy over 50,000 ships in their "war", proving the effectiveness of their training methods.

In terms of corporation logistics Skex explained that it was very much a simple operation to maximize the fun of combat; "We are a completely [capsuleer] run organization, we try to keep fights fun and more or less even. We have a few basic rules mainly honouring arranged fights both [one on one] and fleet. No podding of other RVB members no use of midslot ECM save on our HQ stations and against 3rd party war targets."

Upon asking how they were planning on celebrating their one year success, solo kill contests and frigate brawls came out on top of the list with Skex adding "and any other excuse we can come up with to blow stuff up."

Red vs Blue have now moved from the Anwyns constellation in the Vendor Verge region to Osnins constellation in the Everyshore region.

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