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Communication Censoring

2003-06-04 - By CCP Hellmar

The reason forcing us to having to replace < > & from chat channel names is that there was an error in text formatting which adds ... to the end of words that can't be displayed due to space constraints. This was particularly noticeable in chat channel names. The ... logic did take correctly into account the escape sequences for > < & and clipped them in the middle, this didn't go well inside the 3D engine which dices up the characters to vertices, resulting in a CTD. As the ... logic could really clip the escape sequence any where in the word, we had to change all chat channels to have spaces instead of the characters that needed escaping. We still have the channel names in their original form so as of next patch we will restore them (as we have of course added the necessary resilience to both the vertex dicer and the ... logic, but the patch has not been QA-ed enough). We also deployed the Python engine fixes discussed yesterday to TQ as they had run for some time on Chaos (not with that many players though, come to Chaos, walk into the light). You wanted detail, you got detail...