Community Beat for 18 February | EVE Online

Community Beat for 18 February

2022-02-18 - By EVE Online Community Team

Welcome to the Community Beat! The last edition was all about NPSI communities, player-run tournaments and baking bread among other topics. This edition also includes something about making dough, but you'll have to read on to see what it is!

Vertical Supremacy

We were blown away by this incredible EVE ship build that Reddit user pablofrae2 posted over on the EVE subreddit. It’s a full scale, fully operational Naglfar-class dreadnought which was created in the game Space Engineers.

Linked in the post was a video of a tour around the ship and another of it in action against some NPCs. Amazing stuff!

Charitable Capsuleers

EVE streaming community Rampage Inc headed up by CSM member Merkelchen and featuring fellow CSM members Innominate and Brisc Rubal are currently hosting their second major charity auction.

Their previous auction was a painting by Mrs Brisc Rubal which fetched US$3,100 with all proceeds going to St Jude Children’s Hospital.

The current auction is for another painting by Mrs Brisc of a bottle of “New Boot Goofin’” and currently sits at US$1,000 raised with proceeds set to go to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

The auction ends on Saturday at 03:00 UTC (22:00 US EST on Friday) so there’s still time to get your bids in and you can watch the results live on the Rampage Inc Twitch channel from 01:30 UTC.

EVE Montreal

Do you like bacon? Do you like internet spaceships? Well why don’t you go to EVE Montreal to eat bacon and talk about internet spaceships!

This family-friendly EVE gathering in eastern Canada is taking place on 26 March from 11am local time. To X up just follow the instructions on the poster below. There’s more information at the link and you can reach out to if you still have unanswered questions!

Travellers Returns!

Back in January a new EVE video series called New Eden Travellers debuted. Brought to you by Signal Cartel and created by renowned capsuleer Katia Sae, we were very happy to see the second episode drop just a few days ago.

Enjoy the latest instalment, Mysterious Oddities, in this excellent series!

Partner Spotlight – The Oz

New Eden’s economy is as vibrant and intricate as some real-world countries and savvy capsuleers who want to know what’s happening with it know to tune in to The Oz’s stream. His insights into EVE’s thriving markets might just give you the edge to finally double your ISK. There’s a Discord and Youtube channel, too!

The Oz writes:

Why should you watch this?

  • If you are starting out on Eve and have a general interest in the economic simulation of Eve online (which is excellent if I may add) then station trading is a very effective and fairly low risk way to fund your omega subscription - please do yourself a favor and try the other parts of Eve as well
  • Veterans who have never focused on trading, may learn to invest some of that ISK laying around by applying everything they have learned in the game and get some income on the side
  • Or just hang out and chat and discuss the Eve market - even better

Let us know what you think and share some of your stories over on the EVE Online Forums.

See you in two weeks for the next Community Beat!