Community Beat for 5 January | EVE Online

Community Beat for 5 January

2024-01-05 - By EVE Online Community Team

Hello spacefriends and welcome to the first Community Beat for YC126! Or as it's known in meatspace: 2024. Let's begin...

EVE Online Careers Chart

Remember that huge, cool looking chart of EVE Online careers from a while back? You know the one. It looked a bit like this:

You may not have checked it out for a while since the original creator's last version dates from 2016. Well ICYMI, for the last two years the task of maintaining the chart has been taken up by a player called Mu'ad Diib.

With original creator Altrue's blessing and input, Mu'ad Diib has been updating and refining the EVE Online Career Chart and is still at it. Lots of activities have been added and there are some new features as well! For example with the interactive PDF version of the chart you can click on a career or category and be linked to appropriate EVE Uni wiki page on the subject, a useful guide or some other relevant resource.

You can always find the latest version here, so go check it out! You might get some ideas for new things to try in EVE, and it's always handy for referring new players to when they ask the the question "What is there to do in EVE?"

Anger Games 6 - coming soon!

EVE Online's community run PvP tournament the Anger Games will soon return for its sixth outing over three weekends in April! With an exciting new format which will see a round robin style group strage replace the traditional feeder rounds as well as other innovations, Anger Games 6 is not to be missed if you enjoy some competitive internet spaceship digital pugilism.

This Reddit post contains all the relevant information for viewers and would-be competitors, so go check it out and be sure to join the Anger Games Discord as well. This event will also be receiving its very own news item on the EVE Online website soon, so keep an eye on the news section of your EVE launcher!

The Lego Rifter Becomes Real!

A year and a half ago, Engineered Entropy designed a Lego Rifter as their entry into the Battle of the Bricks contest. Until now the ship had only existed as a series of renders of the completed model (and in the fevered dreams of many capsuleers), however one enterprising person has taken it upon themselves to actually build it irl!

EVE subredditor Shelfcookie posted the pics of the completed ship along with some very impressive stats about the build: this ship is made from nearly 5,000 Lego pieces and weighs in at over 9lbs/4kg!

Hel of a job!

Player AGOR2 posted a video showcasing their 3D printed and painted Hel model which took over 100 hours to pull off. We think it turned out great!

Upcoming player meetups

Coming up very soon is third annual Rampage Inc. meetup in Washington DC . Taking place on 12-15 January and celebrating KarmaFleet's 9th birthday, there's a couple of events taking place over the weekend and you can participate in whichever ones you wish since they're ticketed separately. You don't even have to be in KarmaFleet to come hang out, so if you live in the area and would just like to socialize with some fellow EVE players that weekend then check out the details in the Eventbrite link above!

Another player favorite IRL EVE meetup has confirmed their dates for this year. EVE New Orleans returns on 19-21 April bringing its usual emphasis on fun activities including food, tours, more food, drinking and food! More information will be released into the run up but in the meantime you should head over to the EVE New Orleans Discord server to stay up to date!

Serene Sights and Sweet Sounds

As we sign off on this Friday afternoon, don't forget to take a moment this weekend to just relax for a while. Maybe put on Transmissions from New Eden's hour-long 4k video of the EVE gate accompanied by classic, soothing EVE Online tunes and just drift away.