Community Beat for 9 June | EVE Online

Community Beat for 9 June

2023-06-09 - By EVE Online Community Team

Greetings spacefriends!

Welcome to another edition of the Community Beat, where we shine the spotlight on recently made community Art and Videos that have been on our radar. Starting off, we'd like to showcase a watercolor painting from Lloyd George, aka El Geo, of a Machariel.

Lloyd does such a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the ship he's painting, with each new project blowing us away. If you want to see more of his work, or possibly pick up a piece for your wall, then head over to his website: Artist | Lloyd George

Next up, we'd like to showcase a couple of videos that we really enjoyed watching. The first one is from Chloroken and is titled "Blobs" - an entertaining narration and his view of the Blobs in Eve and relationship they have with smallgang/solo pilots.

Of course we all know that the best way to deal with blobs is fitting smartbombs into most of your high slots and get yourself to 0 on the enemy, which is exactly what Snuffed Out did to a large fleet of Kikimoras and Bombers. However, it's not often you see an Archon going nearly 1200m/s to keep up with smaller ships with smartbombs blaring. It's truly enjoyable to watch.

With the Viridian Expansion right around the corner, and with it the Upwell Structure Personalization, the Beaver Show has decided to run a "Color your structure" competition.

The hosts of the Beaver Show encourage you, or your children, to take the colouring journey and submit your art. There could be 500 PLEX in it for you! More info on reddit.

That is all for this weeks Community Beat! We're excited to see what you all get up to once the Viridian Expansion lands later this month. See you next time!