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Community Beat for 1 April

2022-04-01 - By EVE Online Community Team

Greetings fellow Capsuleers and welcome back to another Community Beat!

In the last Community Beat we covered the absolute carnage that was Stay Frosty’s Annual Frigate Free for All, the convergence of the Plex4Good Battleship Brawl, the jamming vibes of the EveWave, and every cartographer’s dream, DOTLAN!

We had a little bit of information come in about the Frigate Free for All – It saw roughly 100b of ISK destroyed throughout the event. We can confidently confirm that this year’s Frigate Free for All crushed the single system lowsec kill record that had previously belonged to… last year’s Frigate Free for all! This year’s Frigate free for all was the 4th bloodiest single-system event in Eve history, only behind the 3 biggest Red vs Blue Poinen high sec FFA’s in 2021 and 2013.

Image was taken just outside the Stay Frosty Astrahus “Toothpaste Fish” during the event.

The buzz was so strong and the desire for blood was so high, that even the following day saw the largest all-time record for most PVP kills across all of low sec space. A record that had been held on May 5th 2013 (the weekend of EVE’s 10th Birthday).

Plex4Good Custom Handmade Ship Models

We all love spaceships, but Imiarr Timshae’s love for spaceships has gone even step further. During our Plex4Good Campaign, they pledged to custom make a ship, 100% from scratch, hand-designed and modelled out of fully recycled materials, with no 3d printed or downloaded components. The winner, a pilot by the name of Aura Glimmer, won with a colossal donation of 800,000 PLEX! Super impressive!

You can check out the thread on the forums here.

Easter Egg Hunt 2022!

Get your Scanner Probes ready and brush up on those D-Scan skills, because on 26 April 2022, Fire Stunner will be running an Easter Egg Hunt – Across 3 different Regions and 25 different systems, PLEX, Skins, Blueprints, Abyssal mods and more will be placed out in space for you to find. The Region names and the Codes to crack the container’s passwords will be released on the day of the event.

Fire Stunner did a short video with the plan and a link to their Discord where they’ll be announcing the passwords on the day which you can check out below:

Fanfest Freight Update!

The preparation for this year’s Fanfest is in full swing and making sure that everything is shipped and ready for delivery, inside and outside of New Eden is always a big task.

We recently started the distribution of items across all the stations and.. well, we thought things were going according to plan, but we recently received footage from T’amber that shows that one of the contracted freighters appears to be stuck in the station. Hopefully, they can rock themselves free in time!

These images were taken from T’ambers Twitter which you can find here

Partner Spotlight – John Rourke’s Sofa

That’s right Capsuleers, CCP Chair, through multiple sit-downs with various unscrupulous individuals, has sourced our (literally) largest acquisition to date. John Rourke’s Sofa! Since John’s mysterious disappearance over 10 years ago, we’ve been trying to track him down. We’ve been informed that he loved this sofa like a dear friend, so we’re hoping that by sourcing this sofa that he’ll reach out to us!

Partner Spotlight - Corvus Onzo

New Eden is filled with a plethora of people with different styles and backgrounds and Corvus Onzo fits firmly in the category of low sec, solo and small gang PVP aficionado.

Corvus is a Twitch Streamer and formerly a long-serving member of the Caldari Militia, Corvus became an admirer of the Condor, which features a lot in his engagements and features heavily in his content. Corvus streams over on Twitch Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and occasionally also covers special events! You can find him on Twitch or join his Discord – the “Low Sec Kiting Club” here.

We'd love to hear from YOU, head on over to the Eve Online Forums and share anything that you're enjoying doing or making, we'd love to see it! With Fanfest coming we know you all love to bring things, why not share some of them!