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Compromise Reached in Fedmart Security Strike

2009-10-06 - By Svarthol

Anchauttes - Local residents are feeling relieved today as members of the Anchauttes Security Union returned to work after a compromise was reached between union leaders and management at the Fedmart Retail Center in Anchauttes. The agreement was signed early this morning, less than 24 hours before a Lai Dai fleet is expected to make its first appearance in the system and bring many new Caldari residents.

A spokesman for the Retail Center told reporters, "We're satisfied with the agreement. We agreed to provide a large amount of upgraded equipment and already have a shipment en route. We met their demands on health benefits and agreed to a notable increase in the number of officers on patrol for the first two months of Lai Dai's occupation. We are confident that the Fedmart Retail Center will continue to be a safe haven for businessmen from all over New Eden and expect that, especially after this agreement, racial tensions on the station will be kept to a minimum."

Gilbin Doyle, speaking for the Anchauttes Security Union, told reporters that they found the compromise acceptable. Residents are still nervous about the future, but most feel that two months of increased security should be enough to extinguish most of the initial tensions.