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Concerned Parents Call On Shakor For Action

2008-08-04 - By Svarthol

Rens - Responding to yesterday's unintentional blinding of two Brutor youths, concerned advocate groups have called on Sanmatar Shakor to make a statement to the youth of the Republic, urging them to forgo such potentially damaging acts of hero worship.

A brief statement delivered by the teens' clan elder indicated the youths "simply wanted to show their respect and admiration for the Sanmatar and his Defiant ancestors."

In light of this event, as well as the ongoing trend of hero-worshiping youth across the Republic, the advocate group Concerned Parents of Matar has called on the Sanmatar to dissuade other young people from similar or more drastic acts.

Spokespeople for the Republic government have declined to comment on whether such a statement will be forthcoming, saying only that “Sanmatar Shakor has many issues demanding his personal attention at this time. He will surely give this issue his full consideration as soon as he is able.”