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Concerning the allegations of event rigging

2007-05-27 - By Svarthol

Following up with the results of our investigations as they come available, we would like to present the following in regards to the allegations of rigged events. This announcement is also being mirrored in this forum thread.

This was investigated previously, the results of which were posted in here. Nothing new has been presented that merits re-opening the investigation into the events following the actions taken against the player/volunteer who violated a Non-Disclosure Agreement in regards to the Cult of Tetrimon event arc.

Concerning the allegation of event rigging in particular, the document referenced in the 'Open Letter' is not a finalized script of events, but a proposal and living document based on player interaction with the event arc. The paragraph he refers to states:

“As said earlier, we can have the ending open if allowed by you or we can stack the cards in favor of Theology Council so that we after the arc go back to a T2 status quo for the Empire, but without any Tetrimon Cult (who will be forever branded traitors of the Empire and utterly wiped out).”

In short, it simply gives CCP the option of deciding which direction to move EVE’s Prime Fiction at the end of the arc or to allow unfolding events to determine what is to follow. The claims of CCP rigging events to benefit a player, corporation or alliance are groundless.