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CONCORD convoy attacked; debris scavenger saves the day

2005-08-28 - By Svarthol

SINQ LAISON. In yet another convoy attack this week, a CONCORD courier mission transporting the corpses of two Guristas terrorists was intercepted at Rancer early Sunday. Though Guristas forces managed to destroy the transport vessel, the cargo was safely returned to CONCORD by a passer-by loot collector.

Freelance pilot Horus UK happened to show up in scene after a Guristas – CONCORD battle in the Rancer system left the loot of a destroyed CONCORD Crane floating in space. Checking the remains, he was surprised to find out not some modules and starbase fuel but the still frozen corpses of the infamous terrorists Mercurion Red and Bleak Scarab. Contacting CONCORD forces in the area he returned the cargo to the law.

“I was both surprised and relieved to no end”, confessed convoy leader Commander Plavers. As reported in mid-July, it was Plavers himself who captured Bleak Scarab after a failed escape attempt. “We at CONCORD receive endless complaints about debris scavengers and how they should be made illegal; yet today one of such kind was the real hero, while trigger happy pilots sided with terrorism.”

“The bodies were being carried inside a Crane Class transport vessel. One CONCORD Battleship was deemed enough escort”, explained Cmdr. Plavers. “We spotted the Guristas operative Lucash Helmatt alone in the system and decided to proceed assuming he was not enough of a threat. We were incorrect; Helmatt was able to recruit no less than 7 pilots to come to his aid while we received none. They managed to destroy the transport ship, forcing me to retreat as my vessel was under heavy focused fire.”

As Guristas and ad-hoc terrorists were busy shooting the CONCORD Battleship, the remains of the Crane were left without custody; passer-by Horus UK managed to get hold of the debris and opening a communications link, offered to hand them to justice. The corpses were returned to Cmdr. Plavers at the Caldari Navy station in Perimeter where he was forced to dock for repairs.

Though not able to comment in an official manner on CONCORD’s response to these actions, Cmdr. Plavers confirmed having filed the names and corporations of his attackers in order to adjust standings accordingly, mentioning his surprise at so many pilots siding with outlaws against CONCORD. “We found strange the presence of PIXE elements, since we had heard about their help to a Mordu’s convoy… yet at the next day, they attack a CONCORD transport. Guess you can never be sure with these freelance pilots.”

The corpses are still stored at the Perimeter station, where they await transport to their final destination which remains classified.