CONCORD deploys Special Ops | EVE Online

CONCORD deploys Special Ops

2003-06-07 - By CCP Hellmar

Just a word of warning to the ones that want to make a name for themselves in the world of EVE. Empire controlled space, means that the space is controlled by the empires. If the police are not cutting it against players riding an obviously imbalanced module combination, reinforcements will be called, be it special NPCs or GM controlled NPCs (special-ops).

Do as you please in non-empire space but please don’t complain when the empires take action against you in their space, when you are obviously violating their rules.

The actions taken today were with in the rules of the game, the ships being used are ships in the game. The empires have ample resources to manufacture them and the pilots controlling then have up to 3+ years experience flying EVE vessels.

If you want to role-play a pirate corp., this is the environment we provide. The only thing we are guilty of is not communicating this clearly enough but in this case everyone involved had a chance to evacuated empire space before "the four" hit them.