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Confessions of a Married Man

2006-07-07 - By CCP SoniClover

Thanks to me the Band of Bloggers schedule is all out of whack (though I suspect there are other culprits too lurking around somewhere), turning kieron’s hair gray with worries – oh, wait, he has no hair. Well, if he HAD hair it would be pretty gray by now, I’m sure. But, I have an excellent excuse (yeah yeah, I know, excuses are like ***holes, everybody's got one). You see, I got married and just returned from my honeymoon in Italy. Now, how’s THAT for an excuse? Good, eh? Eh? I hope you forgive me saying that tying the holy knot and all that seemed a wee bit more important than getting a blog out on time.

While I’m in a confessional mood I must ‘fess up to committing the Cardinal Sin in my last blog, where I managed (brilliantly, I might add) to conjure more questions than answers in the mind of my readers. This I accomplished by talking a lot while saying little. So I intend to make this blog short and sweet in the sincere hope of enlightening rather than bewildering.

Today’s topic is Salvaging 101. First off, like the other mini-professions, Salvaging requires a skill and a module, that you need to fit to your ship. The pre-requisite for the Salvaging skill is Mechanic 5, for those of you interested in participating. In Kali all ships (player and NPC) will spawn wrecks upon destruction. This will replace the loot can. Anyone can access the wreck for the basic loot, same as with the loot cans. However, those equipped with a Salvaging module can then try to salvage stuff from the wreck.

The stuff in question is ingredients to construct Rigs. A Rig is a new addition to the game, which allows players to modify the performance of their ship by adding Rigs to it. I will cover the ins and outs of Rigs at a later date, all you need to know now is that the ingredients needed to build Rigs are only available by salvaging wrecks. The fun part is that the ingredients for the best Rigs (Tech II) are hard to come by from NPC wrecks, meaning the best way to get them is by blowing up a player in a Tech II ship. And as you know the only thing more fun than blowing up other players is having a reason to do so. Indiscriminating killing is so yesterday.

So says Clover.