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Core Complexion Releases Statement of Support

2008-10-07 - By Svarthol

Following the recent unscheduled meeting of the Core Complexion board of directors, the company yesterday released a public statement of support for Sanmatar Shakor.

"Core Complexion Inc. is a corporation with operations in almost every corner of the galaxy. We provide customers from all empires with the product quality and low costs that they have come to expect. Despite this, however, Core Complexion Inc. is still a Minmatar corporation at heart; we have not forgotten our roots, or the common struggles of the Minmatar people.

"Core Complexion Inc. believes that Sanmatar Shakor has the best interests of the Minmatar people at heart, and will work diligently to ensure the freedoms, respect, and prosperity that all Minmatar deserve. The success of the Minmatar people is a vital component of the success of Core Complexion Inc. We look forward to the bright future envisioned by the Sanmatar, as we all work to improve the potential of all Minmatar people."

Core Complexion refused to answer any further questions regarding the statement. The announcement was generally well-received, but with the company's share price remaining level, it seems many investors have yet to be convinced. Rumors of a pending profit warning from the company, due to rising costs and falling profits, continued to swirl in the marketplace. Others questioned the ability of a multinational company to function efficiently in a Minmatar Republic that could see a return to the preeminence of tribal structures.