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Corporate Espionage Nets 40+ Ships for daring raiders

2008-05-25 - By Svarthol

Members of Cruoris Seraphim (CR-SE) along with Naqam (NQM), recently made planned raids on four systems, three of which were under the sovereignty of Volition Cult (.VC.), and the fourth in which .VC. live.

The raids were the end of months of planning and intelligence gathering by CR-SE agents who had infiltrated .VC. and managed to turn one of their officers to their side.

The officer in question one Ms Stayche, had earlier in the day visited the systems that were going to be raided, disabled the automatic defence systems and offlined all the control towers.

Interstellar Correspondents managed to arrive in one of the systems in question not long before a raid finished. The local communications channel was very quiet even though there were plenty of members from all corporations involved in the actions logged into it.

During the raids a number of ships were removed by the invading forces, "We took 45 hulls including a Tempest Fleet Issue" Cyshade of CR-SE said, "...We destroyed many ships that were not worth our time, such as industrials and tech-1 cruisers. So the majority of the 45 hulls we took were either tech-2 or battlecruiser and above."

Dralafi of .VC. stated "We lost a lot of ships yes.. due to SMA (Ship Maintenance Arrays) being destroyed... and yes one Tempest Fleet Issue was stolen by the traitor: Stayche" he continued to say "...all ships where personal ships of corp members... and most only lost one or two ships.. the corp itself only lost a few hangars and moon harvesters." So it would appear that maybe the raids were not as effective as CR-SE would have hoped for.

Cruoris Seraphim and their allies have been running a campaign against Volition Cult for a few months now and according to latest statistics .VC. have lost over 16013 million ISK of ships and equipment, whilst CR-SE has losses have mounted to 1968 million ISK. Why the campaign? According to Cyshade this campaign against Volition Cult and the requisitioning of their vessels was because "The infidels here did not deserve their vessels, and their support, albeit indirect, of the Thukker Tribes sealed their fate." Cyshade claims that .VC. are assisting the Thukker Tribes by "...killing Angels intensively in the Great Wildlands." She added "I and our sansha compatriots have no love for the Angels, but similarly no love for the Thukkers."

AlphaOrion of .VC. believes that the campaign against them by CR-SE was started for a different reason, "Several months ago certain secrets about the blood raiders organization that were considered critical to their continued survival were communicated to a high ranking .VC. officer, it was then that an all out assault of misinformation, guerrilla tactics, and other clandestine operations were commenced by CR-SE to try to undermine the foundations of .VC."

It was once these tactics had borne fruit with the turning of the .VC. officer, Stayche, that CR-SE and their allies could finally make their biggest assault to date. ".. their mole then gave them access to critical .VC. assets.." we were informed "..allowing them to temporarily seize our system(s)", it would appear that during this confusion another alliance Terrorist Group has managed to erect a POS in one of the systems therefore blocking .VC. from reclaiming sovereignty.

As always Interstellar Correspondents will try to keep you as up to date as possible as the situation develops.