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Corporate Espionage Reaches Into Wormhole Space

2009-03-28 - By Svarthol

Uncharted Space - Myon Decay became the latest corporation to fall victim to corporate espionage this week, as Director of Security, Shaddhix, used his access to empty corporate coffers and steal a tower from a wormhole location. Corporation CEO Rakadar believes the loss is valued in excess of 1 billion ISK.

According to the mastermind behind the theft, Shaddhix, "...a plan started to formulate in my mind, a way to repay the kindness and loyalties shown to me by the greatest corporation I've ever worked for, Equitatus of Apocalypse."

As Myon Decay deployed a tower into an uncharted region through a wormhole, and began harvesting the resources found therein, more and more corporation members were lured there with the promise of wealth. Within a short period of time, the tower housed a full ship maintenance array and corporate hangar as well as the hardware necessary to start production on components for strategic cruisers. 

It was then that Shaddhix decided, "I was going to steal the [Tower]."

"The first order of business," explains Shaddhix, "was contacting my old corpmates of [Equitatus of Apocalypse], who were naturally very excited about the prospects of such a caper.  Then, I had to find an excuse to get [Myon Decay] out of its alliance. That opportunity presented itself when the alliance adopted a new corporation with a pre-existing [war], and I argued that this was trouble we did not need. Once that was taken care of, it was simply a matter of subtly encouraging as many members as possible to bring in as many assets as possible to the wormhole [tower]."

Once everything was rolling, it was only a matter of patience, and planning, as Shaddhix spent time working out the details of the heist.  Then, during the evening hours of the 24th, the opportunity presented itself.

"When the new wormhole opened up last night around 03:00 in Ogoten, just 10 jumps from [Equitatus of Apocalypse] Corporate Headquarters in Gulfonodi, we knew it was our chance." Shaddhix explains that haulers and pilots sprang into action, seizing the opportunity to empty the tower, offline its hardware, and remove the tower.  It wasn't to be as easy as hoped, though, as a member of Myon Decay, Stoiley, showed up unexpectedly.  According to Shaddhix, "I simply explained that I was reorganizing the corp hangar, and continued to haul load after load of materials and items out from under his nose..."

The final details wrapping up the heist, according to Shaddhix, were pretty straight forward, "While we sorted out the take and made the necessary contracts to consolidate the new assets, I emptied the [Corporate] coffers, both the wallet and all assets at all of our offices. Just before [a daily break] I submitted a corpmail announcing my resignation as Security Director, citing that, as I had just stolen everything, there was nothing left for me to secure."

The news was understandably not well received by the members of Myon Decay. CEO Rakadar states, "...some [members] will leave, all are...well angry isn't the right word to describe it..."

When asked if he saw any signs looking back on behavior, Rakadar replied, "...I didn't expect this. I wouldn't say there had been any too obvious signs." He continues, "I trusted him as he joined us when we were involved in factional warfare, and when we moved on to wormhole space exploration he was a great help in setting up our operations there.  He only became Security Director after we were doing wormhole space exploration for some a reward for his commitment to our work [and] as a sign of my much for that."

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