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Council of Stellar Management Summit Recap

2008-06-26 - By CCP Xhagen

It started one year ago – the idea to revive the Council of Stellar Management (CSM) and make it even better than the original implementation. Today, after few days of organizing and processing what transpired during the CSM Summit last week, it is a time for a blog.

In short, the Summit was a resounding success. The amount of effort and time spent by the CSM on polishing the topics on the agenda was extensive and now our work is laid out for us. The benefit of the meetings between the CSM and CCP became evident the first day when everyone came prepared and eager to get to work.

The next step is to sort the discussed topics according to viability and priority. The first criteria is the amount of work required by CCP in terms of programming time, design and balancing etc., and the second criteria is the priority set on the topic by the CSM. A third measurement has already been placed on the topics – the technical feasibility of addressing topics brought up by the CSM – that was done during the meetings between the CSM and the CCP Council. After some planning, we will proceed to insert the results from the discussions into our development pipelines based on the above criteria. Such items will be noted in future patch notes as issues that were raised by the Councilors so that the citizens of EVE will be able to track the progress, effectiveness and results of the Council.

It should be noted that some requests may take longer to address than others but we will always do our best to communicate the closest timeline estimates we can provide based on current workload, available resources and release schedules.

The most important results of the Summit may not be immediately evident, but the seeds planted by the CSM into the minds of the EVE dev team members are already sprouting.