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Crielere: Investigation points to top

2004-01-16 - By Svarthol

Preliminary findings in the independent investigation on the blueprint theft from the Crielere research facility, recently initiated by Gallente President Foiritan, strongly indicate that personnel at the very top may be involved. While no names have been mentioned, it is believed that the theft was no outside job or petty theft by a disgruntled employee, as some have suggested, but rather an elaborate and deliberate act intended to personally enrich some of the leaders of the research project.

The investigation has been somewhat hampered by sudden resignation of the some of the people implicated in the investigation. At least two senior researchers have gone into early retirement, while several others have handed in their resignations and gone to work for research laboratories elsewhere. Despite these temporary setbacks the investigators have acquired some strong evidence that lead to the top and many are now anxiously waiting their final report, due any day now, which may very well have such drastic implications as to threaten even the future of the Crielere research program.