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CSM 11 Summit 2 Minutes Have Been Released

2017-02-13 - By CCP Logibro

CSM 11 recently finished its second summit in Reykjavik, discussing all aspects of developing and running EVE with a wide representation of EVE's developers, producers and executives.

The democratically elected Council of Stellar Management has long been an important advisory group to CCP and at least half the council has typically been flown to CCP HQ twice a year to allow for seamless communication and exchange of opinion.

Following the success of the first summit, CCP once again invited the whole CSM to attend the summit in person. 13 members attended and we had four days of productive meetings.

The Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes are a collaboration between CCP and the CSM. A CCP staff member jots down meeting minutes on our internal wiki during each meeting and they are then edited through an open editing process on the same wiki. Every CCP staff member attending a meeting, and the CSM, must review and approve the version of the minutes that goes out. Typically not a lot is changed. Sentences get tuned to better convey meaning and of course a few tiny bits are redacted to preserve surprise and wonder at a later date.

This summit's minutes can be found here. We look forward to reading, and taking part in, your discussions of them. If you wish to discuss them on the forums, please visit this thread on our forums.