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CSM 14 Second Summit Meeting Minutes

2020-04-17 - By CCP Dopamine

Greetings noble citizens of New Eden,

The second summit for the democratically elected 14th Council of Stellar Management was hosted at the beginning of March at CCP headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland. During the four days of the summit, over 30 sessions were held on various game-related topics, such as high-level overview plans for this year, ship balance, communications, resources & industry, and conflict drivers.

The content of each summit is a mix of CSM-requested topics and topics CCP schedules to get feedback on designs and projects. The meeting minutes are released to provide more transparency, and to give everyone a bit of additional insight into the realities of developing the greatest gaming universe ever created in co-operation with the amazing EVE community. However, the format that was being used was falling short on a few fronts:

  • It was more of a transcript from the meeting than a summary, and with all the lively and lengthy conversations that were often had, it was sometimes difficult to follow.
  • In some places, it was missing context because it was provided to the council before the summit, and the sessions were a continuation of ongoing discussions.
  • It also created unhealthy competition where CSM members would be scored by how many times their name appeared in the document, which – to put it bluntly – was irrelevant, as it does not translate into the true value they bring. There is a lot of meaningful interaction between the CSM and CCP that happens outside of the meetings that minutes will never be able to fully capture.

This will improve over time, and the change to a more concise format and individual testimonies from some EVE developers and the CSM is only a first step towards exploring better ways to let you in on the CSM Summit process.


It has been absolutely fantastic to engage in candid conversation with the council members, and listen to their feedback and concerns about EVE Online. We are lucky to have such a dedicated group of people that come for a week-long trip to Iceland to share their perspectives - as well as that of their constituents - based on different game experiences they have in New Eden.

Visit the dedicated forum thread to discuss the content of the minutes. Anyone who would like to chat with other pilots about specific sessions, either to provide more ideas or to share their point of view, is encouraged to create a separate forum thread in the CSM Jita Park section.