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CSM Candidate Interviews: Part I

2012-03-20 - By Svarthol

With the CSM elections coming soon, Interstellar Correspondents asked candidates several questions in order to better understand who they are; where they live? What they do? What qualifications they have?

Some of the candidates are very serious while others take a lighter view of the universe we live in. Here are the first of their stories:

Darius III

Darius III spends most of his time in low and null-sec engaging in combat.  When asked about what leadership role he has taken in New Eden, he responds by saying he has “taken initiative in shutting down incursions” in order to bring to light their greater implications across New Eden. Not to mention his leadership when it comes to innovative new ways in “tear farming”.

He also believes that capusleer governance is “perfect”. Any system that allows “vote scamming represents [New Eden] to a ‘T’”. As a CSM he belives he has “personally influenced the lives of 1500 plus [capsuleers] by killing them, not including the 100 plus pods that were AFK in Jita”.

Greene Lee

Greene Lee spends most of her time in null-sec as a member of [AAA], but admits to “knowing high-sec life very well”. She engages in combat, diplomacy, alliance leadership and leading non-combat operations. She maintains her integrity by being active in New Eden for many years without changing banners.

When asked if she believed New Eden’s form of capsuleer governance to be "broken" her response was simply “is it?” As for the CSM itself, she feels that it acts to aid in the development of New Eden and finds serious issues when they crop up.


Psychobitch operates in high, low and null-sec and when signed into her neocom participates in all activities New Eden has to offer, despite it often being as “painful” as it can be. She is an Alliance leader and regularly participates in New Eden’s community.

She believes New Eden’s form of capsuleer governance to be “entirely” broken, and thinks that the current CSM has introduced a “new level of F A I L” to the lives of capusleers.


Xenuria is mostly active in high-sec space and engaging in “industry and missions" however she likes to try "new things and learn more" about New Eden. When asked about her community roles, she refers tp her directorship of Hydra Reloaded as well as her role of CEO of The Marcabian 5th Invasion Fleet. Meanwhile she offers “leadership advice” to various other alliances.

When asked about New Eden’s capsuleer governing body, she feels that the problems are “speculative and open to interpretation”. As for the CSM’s effect on the lives of capsuleers, she thinks it “depends on the people who are part of the CSM”.

Trebor Daehdoow

Trebor Daehdoow engages in small gang combat, industry as well as logistical work for his corporations in all areas of New Eden. He does not believe it his “role to lead,” in New Eden, but rather to “zealously represent the interests of the community”.

He feels that the CSM’s “voting system is horribly broken” by giving “too much power to organised voting blocs while under-representing the interests of the wider community, especially high-sec pilots”.

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You can view more about each candidate and vote for them here

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