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CSM3 Candidates Application Breakdown

2009-04-27 - By CCP Xhagen

It is getting closer to election to the third CSM in EVE and the application period has now been concluded.

Following are the results from the candidacy application period.

The statistics.

  • We received 56 applications.
  • We accepted 40.
  • We rejected 16.

Like with CSM1 and CSM2 candidacy applications, the main reasons for rejections were passport issues (either not supplied or expired), EULA violations (mostly ISK buying), one test application to ensure the functionality of the system and then Internet lolsters supplied a few applications.

  • 3 females and 37 males are running, making the female applicants 7.5% of the total pool. This is an increase from the last election and higher than the overall player ratio, where the female population is 4.41% of the whole (according to user account information).
  • The age range of the candidates is between 21 and 53 with the average age of 31 years.

The list of applicants will be published Monday the 27th of April and will be viewable from this section.

We look forward to the campaign and we wish the best of luck to the candidates in the upcoming elections which will be open between the 12th of May and 26th of May 2009.