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CSM6 Fireside Chat recording available

2011-04-17 - By Svarthol

As announced in this guest dev blog, the 6th Council of Stellar Managament held a "Fireside Chat" this weekend which included information about the direction they want to head as well as a Q&A session at the end. This thread has all the details about downloading it as well as a handy timestamp guide to the topics--and is the perfect place for discussion to be held.

CCP would like to thank the CSM for this unique and important initiative. We hope that all pilots of New Eden find a chance to listen in--on your morning commutes, during your EVE commutes or in little chunks while waiting for that Fleet op to assemble. It's important to get to you know your CSM6, even if you didn't vote for them. Joining in the discussion is equally important so they can better represent you during their term.