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CSM8 - Candidacy Applications Now Open

2013-03-12 - By CCP Dolan

As announced in an earlier Dev Blog, the candidacy period for the next Council of Stellar Management (CSM) election is now open, and if you’re interested in running for a seat on the council please fill out the form here and be sure to read and follow all instructions. Also, please be sure that all your account ownership information is up to date. We are using a pdf in place of our previous online signups due to ongoing updates to our community site, we apologize for any inconvenience.

All applications will result in an audit of the accounts belonging to the applicant and a general background check. In cases where EULA violations have occurred, the application will be assessed on the basis of the severity of the violation and the length of time since the violation occurred. More information on candidate eligibility can be found in the CSM white paper. CCP reserves the right to deny any candidate for extra-ordinary reasons, and will publish our reasoning upon the denied candidate's request.

Candidates will receive notification by email when their applications are approved.

With this election we’re introducing the new pre-election stage, where each candidate will have to reach a threshold of 200 votes in a first round of voting in order to qualify.  This Pre-election will begin on March 22nd and run until March 29th and everyone who qualifies to vote will be able to cast a single vote per account in support of a candidate. Candidates will be informed by email when they pass the 200 vote threshold. Players looking for information on which candidate they should support will find the Jita Park Speakers Corner section of the EVE Online Forums to be a helpful starting point for finding campaign information

On the 1st of April we will post a full list of the candidates for the final ballot, and provide more detailed information about voting in the full election.

Good luck to everyone running; we’re certain that this year's campaigning will make for an interesting election!

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