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CSM8 - 1st Summit Minutes Published

2014-01-02 - By CCP Dolan

The 8th Council of Stellar Management (CSM8) and CCP had their first scheduled summit in late August, 2013. A wide variety of topics were discussed during the summit in Reykjavik, and the table of contents is listed below. The full meeting minutes can be found here: //cdn1.eveonline.com/community/csm/CSM8_August_Summit_Minutes.pdf

List of Sessions:

  1. Basic Introductions and Design Theory
  2. Review of Stakeholder Process
  3. EVE Security
  4. EVE Economy Part 1
  5. EVE Economy Part 2
  6. Art
  7. State of Balance
  8. Future Plans
  9. Team Five-0
  10. Personal Deployables
  11. Project 2
  12. Team Game of Drones
  13. Team Super Friends
  14. Team Kuromako
  15. Team True Grit and DUST 514
  16. Sales and Marketing
  17. Reasonable Things Review
  18. PvE
  19. Project 3
  20. UI Modernization
  21. Language Support and the CSM
  22. Launcher and Web Teams
  23. Chat with Hilmar
  24. EVE Valkyrie

Some notes: 

CCP would like to thank the CSM for their tireless work in this endeavor and for the considerable effort put into preparation for the summit and communication of its results afterwards. In light of this year’s minutes, the process will be undergoing an overhaul in preparation for CSM8’s second summit.

Please feel free to place your comments in the related thread. It will be monitored both by CCP and the CSM.

The few sessions that are blanket NDA’d will be released as the projects that were discussed during them are announced, and the main document updated.

-CCP Dolan

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