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CSM8 - Second Summit Minutes

2014-04-11 - By CCP Dolan

The 8th Council of Stellar Management (CSM8) and CCP had their second scheduled summit in the middle of January, 2014. A wide variety of topics were discussed during the summit in Reykjavik, and the table of contents is listed below. The full meeting minutes can be found here.

Update: The updated release version of the minutes can be found here.

Table of Contents:

Session 1: Tournaments

Session 2: Localized Communities

Session 3: Ship Skins and A New In-Game Store

In-Game Store

Ship Skins

Session 4: Team SuperFriends

Session 5: Game of Drones

Session 6: Nullsec

Session 7: Multi-Topic Session

NDA’d Minor Feature Discussion

Starbases and Future Starbase Replacements

Wormhole-related topics

Smaller unrelated topics

Session 8: Veteran Topic

Session 9: Ship Balancing

Session 10: Science and Industry

Session 11: Early Concept Discussion

Session 12: UI

Session 13: Marketing

Session 14: Community


Canning Gates

Naming Policy

Live Events

Third Party Support

Session 15: Future of Big Fights

Session 16: Team Space Glitter

Session 17: New Player Experience

Session 18: Art

Some notes:

CCP would like to thank the CSM for their tireless work in this endeavor and for the considerable effort put into preparation for the summit and communication of its results.

Please feel free to place your comments in the related thread. It will be monitored both by CCP and the CSM.

The few sessions that are covered by the NDA will be released as the projects that were discussed during them are announced. The main document will be updated accordingly.

New Logo!

Additionally, it wouldn't be a real Dev Blog without a pretty picture. So, I'm proud to announce the new official CSM logo. This is the CSM9 version, in celebration of the CSM9 Elections which start on Tuesday the 8th.

Make sure to get out and vote in the CSM9 Elections from April 8-22!

-CCP Dolan

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