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CSM9 Summer Summit!

2014-08-15 - By CCP Leeloo

CCP Leeloo here with a short but exciting announcement!

We are ready for the CSM9 summer summit! This year the summit will be held from 17th to 19th of September.

Members of the CSM who will be attending the summit here in Reykjavik are:

  • Ali Aras
  • Sion Kumitomo
  • Steve Ronuken
  • Mynnna
  • Sugar Kyle
  • Mike Azariah
  • Corbexx

Additionally, 7 members who won’t be flying over will be able to join all meetings they want to online. We’ve adjusted the schedule, so most of the team will be able to join the sessions that they would like to be a part of.

This year, the CSM Summit will be full of exciting discussions. We will have members of various teams, including team security, marketing, analytics, development, community and many others. CSM9 will have a chance to go over the recap of this year with game design teams and also talk about future of EVE with the teams and our new Executive Producer, CCP Seagull.

After the summit is over, members of the CSM will be able to share some of their discoveries with the rest of community.

As always, a detailed report will be published traditionally in the Meeting Minutes format.

Feel free to discuss the CSM9 Summer Summit in this thread.