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Cultural Friction Turns Minmatar Refugee Ghettos Into Battlegrounds

2010-09-14 - By Svarthol

Rens - Organized crime and culturally motivated violence have become staples of life in the housing shanties dotting Rens and other systems taking in Minmatar refugees. The Sisters of EVE have admitted to difficulties maintaining order in the temporary settlements, and hope to launch joint efforts with help from the tribes and local law enforcement.

The mixture of Minmatar who still adhere to the Amarrian faith and Minmatar who possess staunch anti-Amarr sentiments has become a problem. Aggressive tendencies are evident on both sides, with members of the faithful minority sometimes coming into violent conflict with the anti-theists. "Escalation comes rapidly in these enclosed areas," said SOE security spokesman Soger Neyd. "By the time police forces can mount a response, it is often too late."

The Sisters of EVE admit that refugee housing has proved to be inadequate, but the organization blames the Minmatar tribal governments for the difficulty in relocating repatriated slaves. The Starkmanir and Nefantar, in particular, have had great difficulties navigating Republic bureaucracy due to the lack of tribal structure. Many refugee camps have also been pressed to accommodate Republic citizens fleeing the warfare that rages in the low-security parts of the Heimatar and Metropolis regions - especially in systems such as Siseide and Lantorn, which saw extended occupation by 24th Imperial Crusade forces before their liberation early this year.

In debating a solution to the hostilities, the Sisters of EVE have been supportive of plans to segregate refugees depending on culture. This solution has generally been met with resistance from the Republic government, while the refugees themselves are supportive of the plan. "We are already segregated," commented Olaufin Jastl, a Starkmanir religious sage. "The difference here would be that I could meet my parishioners in streets and markets instead of bulkheads and secret shelters."

Sages like Olaufin Jastl are a holdover from the Starkmanir slave society on the planet Halturzhan. Since they are clerics of the Amarr faith, their services have grown to become focal points for faithful Minmatar in these refugee societies. As a result, they are often targets of religiously motivated violence.

"Our brothers are afraid," said Sage Jastl. "They think they have to throw away their faith for the tribes to accept them, and that they need to punish us to gain their affection. I love my tribe, and the Starkmanir accept me as I am. We know that we are together, because we stand with God."

But not all Starkmanir stand on the faithful side. Alep Yivanikh is a Starkmanir who has decided not to stand with the sages. "I think the society we had on Halturzhan was designed to keep us in check. It's nice that some have decided to maintain our culture from back then, but we're in the Republic now. If we want to be taken seriously we'll have to find a more modern way of life and focus on other parts of our culture instead."