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CVA Inaugurate New Executor at Imperial Loyalist Summit

2011-03-20 - By Svarthol

Kamela, The Bleak Lands - Curatores Veritatis Alliance's [CVA] new executor, Leo D'Green, took his oaths of office at the "Allied Loyalist Summit" on 12.03.113. The summit, organized by Amarr loyalists PIE Inc. was held at a CVA control tower in an unspecified low-security system, with some 140 pilots in attendance.

Organizer Rytha Main of PIE Inc said she arranged the conference to "show proper decorum" to CVA's new executor, as well as to promote solidarity between factions friendly to the Amarr Empire, with representatives attending from Amarr loyalist corporations such as 1st Praetorian Guard and allies from the Ammatar Mandate - Derelik Patrol Wing - and from the allied Caldari state, such as the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve. A number of alliances linked to CVA as a territorial power also sent representation, including Against All Authorities, Sev3rance, and Yulai Federation.

Sister Louella Dougans of the Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine, felt that the Summit benefitted pilots from newer and smaller corporations by opening opportunities for future co-operation and demonstrating what they could achieve. "Me being invited to this event, it's proof of how small corps with only a handful of members can do stuff and be part of greater things."

Leo D'Green took his vows as CVA's new executor at the culmination of the event, along with the Amarrian Holder's Oath, through which he pledged his loyalty to the Empire. The new executor emphasized that he would not be altering CVA's loyalties, objectives or methods, stating "Leaders change, but CVA stays true to its mission, bringing the light of Amarrian civilization into the darkness of lawless space. Through reason if possible, through lasers if necessary."

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