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Daedalus X Execute Revenge-Heist Against Tenichigo Kaigun Inside Wormhole

2010-01-17 - By Svarthol

Hisoufad, Domain - Icarus3, CEO of Daedalus X [DX4] successfully carried out a wormhole assault against his former employer, Eurzadahn, who is CEO of Tenichigo Kaigun [-KGN-] in an attempt to recover ISK he believes to be owed to him and the members of his corporation.

As the former -KGN- recruitment officer, Icarus3 claims that Eurzadahn stole hundreds of millions of ISK that was rightfully due to the members of the corporation. Icarus3 and other members grew concerned when funds generated from activities such as wormhole mining and security details found its way into the personal wallet of Eurzadahn rather than shared amongst those that contributed to the effort.

Relationships broke down within Tenichigo Kaigun, amidst rumours that further ISK and ships were disappearing from the corporation. Icarus3 left with other aggrieved capsuleers and formed DX4. Their plan for revenge was devised, taking four months of preparation before the final blow was struck.

Having discovered the wormhole in which Eurzadahn resided, a wormhole dubbed ‘Cake’ by capsuleers, Icarus3 entered the starbase owned by -KGN- using passwords he had acquired. Once inside, and with the help of his fellow capsuleers from DX4 he set about taking anything he could before Eurzadahn could act.

Among the items taken from Eurzadahn were a Thanatos, Absolution and Orca as well as whatever the Orca could carry. The total value of goods stolen from -KGN- to is estimated at approximately 2 billion ISK, with further damages being inflicted militarily. On a final note about Eurzadahn, Icarus3 had this to say: "I've never known a single [capsuleer] to accept so many loans and donations as Eurzadahn does. It's rather embarrassing to know I used to be under his command."

The Interstellar Correspondents have recently managed to contact Eurzadahn, who adamantly denies Icarus3's allegations. A follow-up article will be published shortly.

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