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Dark Angels continue savage attacks in Curse.

2006-05-11 - By Svarthol

CURSE. The last few days have seen an alarming resurgence in reports of Dark Angels hostilities in the troubled southern region, with some victimized pilots now claiming that the sheer organizational lethality of the corporation suggests something deeper is amiss.

The attacks came in the same manner as before, either victims were lured in by a fake distress signal, or they were ruthlessly engaged wherever they were found. Attempts to communicate with the pilots were met with silence.

“I was traveling through to Utopia in my Buzzard,” remarked one luckily unscathed individual who requested to be unnamed, “And suddenly as I was approaching the next system jump, five stealth bombers uncloaked all around the gate, one of them only 4 kilometers away from me. I got out fast.” Most were not so lucky, with the Dark Angels Corporation already claiming many lives during their short but violent sorties, including pod pilots from the corporations Jericho Fraction and Legio Nova Invicta as well as more recently two capsuleers from the alliance Veritas Immortalis

Intriguing reports have filtered in about the mysterious group of Stealth Bombers. “They were efficient and disciplined…you have to be a pretty damn good pilot to fly a stealth gang like that,” remarked Taes Valkiir of Jericho Fraction, whose Blackbird-class cruiser was one of the first ships to come under the merciless fire of the Dark Angels unit. “Hounds. At least that's what CONCORD claims” she stated in reference to her combat loss report.

“As far as I saw they had top-of-the-line equipment,” remarked Lorenzo, speaking on behalf of Legio Nova Invicta about the loss of one of his comrades to the well-equipped force. “He was killed by their gang without any word”. It was their impression that the Dark Angels “weren't pursuing a precise objective, against [them] or any other corporation in the area”. Justifying his impression, Lorenzo said simply “Their movements were quite random…they seemed to be after targets of opportunity…their behavior was quite strange.” His report was a stark contrast to the unity attributed to them by Ms Valkiir, perhaps suggesting that the Legio pilots overwhelming numbers broke down the unity and organization of the small group.

Something has been unearthed by the analysis of the wreckage recovered by CONCORD from the CL-85V system, where Legio Nova Invicta pilots avenged the loss of erConte’s Taranis to the marauding bombers. CONCORD investigators were initially very outspoken about the findings, labelling them as “evidence of a much larger involvement” and promising full disclosure to the public once the analysis was finalised. However, many weeks after, their investigation seems to be drawing endlessly onwards, or as some speculate, it has been silenced.

Many observers have noted with suspicion, the similarity in tactics used by the Dark Angels and those used by certain facets of the Angel Corporation. The cold-blooded ferocity of the attacks, the organizational professionalism and tactical prowess they have displayed, and most importantly, the Dark Angels apparent expertise on the geography of the region – all of which suggests a larger involvement.

Some are hesitant to conclude Angel involvement, Ms Valkiir herself was doubtful, saying only “I figured the cartel would be smarter than that.” Others disagree, pointing simply to the name of the corporation itself, bearing within it the feared name, “Angels”. Lorenzo echoed the sentiments of many in stating, “You will agree that if you look at their corp name, a connection between them and some Angel forces is quite normal.” That these puzzling actions have occurred exclusively within the Angel Corporation’s theatre of operation has only further fuelled this particular line of speculation, creating significant pressure for the organization to respond.

Angel Corporation officials were initially willing to partake in an interview commenting on the matter, until a pre-interview brief outlining these speculations brought about a prompt cancellation.