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Death or Glory - Auctoramentum Gladiatorium

2008-04-11 - By Svarthol

Taking The Oath - Later this month a unique event will take place at a as yet undisclosed location. Auctoramentum Gladiatorium is a game where you are expected to fight, kill or die for money, glory and pleasure. These games are being sponsored by Revan Neferis, Sovereign of the Bloodveil which is part of the Sani Sabik faith.

We have been informed by the Sovereign that “the games were taken from an ancient book inside the Apocryphon...this book describes how Sani Sabik holders used to entertain themselves with these sort of competitions.”

The Sovereign went on to explain: “Basically, a number of elite guests gathered to a hall to see humans fighting for honour, cash or simply the pleasure of mortal combats.” These gladiatorial games hope to emulate these ancient and honourable traditions.

There will be two arenas in the games, in which there will take place two distinctly different methods of combat, one will consist of twelve combatants in faction cruisers who will take it in turns to fight until only one of them remains. The winner in this arena will get a faction battleship of their choice as a prize.

The second arena is an indoor arena where the gladiators will “...fight according to the ancient ways...body [against] body”, this arena will have a panel of judges who will declare the winner, the prize for the most impressive fighter will be one billion ISK.

Whilst speaking with the Sovereign concerning these games, we asked her why she was reviving such an ancient tradition.

“They represent the strength and power of the Sani Sabik faith under Bloodveil. It is a proven fact that not even loyalists of Empires can or have done an event [of such importance].” As you can see the Sovereign sees the games as a show of the power of the Sani Sabik.

When asked if these games were to be a one-off or a regular event the Sovereign stated: “This is the first time. But if it succeeds I'll make it as an annual ritualistic game for Sani Sabik faith. And I'll double the prizes each year.” So if all goes well the combatants could be competing for two billion ISK during the next contest.

There will be 25 guests invited to watch the events of which 10 have already been chosen. Each of the guests will be supplied with an “Ashimmus”, so that they may travel in style. The guest list is currently unknown but is sure to contain some of the most important people within New Eden.

As always the Interstellar Correspondents will be there to get you the news as it happens.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a gladiator or would like to know more about the games then you can get more information here.

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