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Defiants cripple key Amarr installations during massive counter offensive

2008-03-16 - By Svarthol

Kamela, The Bleak Lands - Late last night Defiants forces attacked and destroyed eight military key installations throughout the Sasen constellation, dealing heavy losses for the Amarrian 7th Fleet in one massive blow. The attacks began at 22:00 EST and two hours later the last of the Defiants was seen heading towards Heimatar region.

The Bleak Lands have not seen such intensity of conflict since the first surprise attack by the Defiants when Admiral Saracen was moving 7th fleet into position. The Amarrian 7th Fleet has scored most victories since then, even destroying a key logistical chain only six weeks ago, leaving little room for Defiants to gain a footing in any part of the region. This might well have changed after last night's events, with Sasen constellation turning into a war zone once more.

"Striking where most deaths will be their own kin only shows how low these filthy terrorists have fallen and how they no longer value the lives of their own blood," commented 7th Fleet Captain Jezander Allad when asked to give his view on the attacks.

Sasen constellation offered a good logistical backbone close to the boarder to the Minmatar Republic for the 7th Fleet. There has been speculation as to whether this backlash will inspire pod pilots to once again join forces with the Defiants in locating and destroying other installations in The Bleak Lands.

The number of installations confirmed as destroyed stands at two long range communication arrays, three ship repair centres, and three ammunition and supply depots. The death count has so far reached over 20,000 military personnel and 100,000 slave workers. These numbers are expected to rise as more reports are compiled from the attacks.