Deployment of EVE Online: Ascension Postponed Until 2016/11/15 | EVE Online

Deployment of EVE Online: Ascension Postponed Until 2016/11/15

2016-10-27 - By CCP Falcon

Following a review of the testing status of EVE Online: Ascension, we have reached the decision to postpone the deployment of the expansion by one week, which shifts the release date from the previously announced date of 2016/11/08, to the following Tuesday, 2016/11/15. 

This extra week before release is required in order to allow us to perform further quality assurance testing and ensure that we launch into a new era for EVE Online as smoothly as possible.

EVE Online: Ascension will bring some of the most deep and fundamental changes in the history of New Eden, including a new access paradigm that will allow pilots to play EVE Online for free, in the form of Clone States. 

The arrival of Engineering Complexes, a new set of colossal structures that will form a key part of the industrial backbone of corporations and alliances across the cluster is also set to shake up the economy, alongside a full rework of command boosts, new effects generators for Titans, a rebalance of the Rorqual, the fitting simulator and brand new explosion effects, as well as more activity in the asteroid belts of New Eden in the form of non-capsuleer resource gathering operations.

You can find out more about all these features that are coming to EVE Online on November 15th by heading on over to EVE Updates, which has now been updated to reflect the new launch date for EVE Online: Ascension.

If you’d like the latest information on EVE Online: Ascension, be sure to tune in to the EVE Vegas Live Stream this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (October 28-30) for presentations on upcoming features by our development team at EVE Vegas.

For full details of the schedule of EVE Vegas, please see this Dev Blog.

Please note: The postponement of the Ascension deployment does not affect the already announced changes to the EULA. These will still come into effect on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.