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Diplomatic manoeuvrings dominate conflict

2007-03-01 - By Svarthol

NEW EDEN - Although the past week may have been on the quiet side with regards major battles, the conflict continues apace. Consolidation has been the watch word as both sides reflect upon a tumultuous opening to proceedings.

Even if the battlefield was quieter, diplomatic announcements still managed to create waves:

Mercenary Coalition takes Band of Brothers contract:

Mercenary Coalition has officially been contracted by BoB. Last Tuesday it was announced that what had prior been the subject of countless rumours, speculation and non-corroborative whispers, is now fact.

Seleene, the leader of MC stated that the reasoning was purely business, adding: "We wanted a business partner, not to be someone's backyard militia force or Special Forces. Of all the alliances I approached and spoke with at that time, only one understood our needs; even more telling, only one still exists today. That alliance is Band of Brothers."

Some capsuleers see this move as only confirming what they already believed, although if MC were to be a ‘lapdog’ they would be a highly paid one!

Seleene added: "We held out hope that some of the leaders of the ‘Coalition’ would at least attempt to see past all of the assumptions and opinions and present us with a real dilemma. Yet during this, the absolute height of a chance to possibly remove Band of Brothers from power, not one offer was made."

MC has had to deflect a great deal of criticism from people believing their neutrality was missing when dealing with BoB. However, with the universe-wide conflict getting into full swing and repeated attacks on their infrastructure, MC decided to make a public declaration as to their intentions.

The past two weeks has seen Coalition forces repeatedly making forays into MC space, including attacks on their starbases. Seleene stated his belief that there was a political motive behind the attacks, saying: "(We felt)...pushed into this a little. The incessant attacks against MC assets served no purpose other than to provoke exactly this response."

ISS surrenders to KOS:

With MC's contract with BoB adding some reinforcements to their side, the numbers opposing the Coalition dwindled after the news that Interstellar Starbase Syndicate had surrendered to Knights Of the Southerncross.

As part of the reparations, ISS gave up their starbases in C3-0YD and KW-OAM.

ISS’s plans for the future remain unknown.

War participants growing:

As the war continues to force capsuleers to pick sides, so an ever increasing number of corporations and alliances are drawn into the conflict. Striving to keep abreast of them, here are the new additions.

The changes are:


  • Pure. - PURE
  • Koroshiya Buntai - PKS
  • EVE Animal Control - LLAMA
  • Prison Break Inc - PRIS
  • CORE. - CORE.
  • Anti-BoB Flash Mob - NOBOB
  • Freelancer Alliance - FLA
  • United Legion - UNL
  • Tactical Narcotics Team - TNT
  • Tre Kroner - TRE K
  • Prime Orbital Systems - POS
  • Celestial Horizon Corp. - CLS

Fighting against Band of Brothers, but not part of the coalition is:

Against All Authorites - .-A-. switched from Coalition side to independent

Band of Brothers and Allies

  • FATAL Alliance - FATAL
  • Southern Cross Alliance - SCA
  • Miners With Attitude - MWA
  • Cult of War - -COW-
  • Southern Connection - SOCO
  • Red Moon Federation - RMF
  • Requiem-Aeternam - R.M.A.
  • Executive Outcomes - .EXE
  • Gods of Night and Day - GONAD
  • D-L (Dark and Light) - -DNL-
  • Mercenary Coalition - MCCA officially contracted by BoB
  • Interstellar Starbase Syndicate - ISS withdrawn from the war
  • Xelas Alliance - XS
  • KIA Alliance - KIA on contract by BoB