Don't Miss the Seventh Alliance Tournament Broadcasts! | EVE Online

Don't Miss the Seventh Alliance Tournament Broadcasts!

2009-08-31 - By Svarthol

The 7th Alliance Tournament is the ultimate battlefield in which the top pilots in EVE Online fight for the glory and honor of their Alliance. Sixty-four alliances will compete over three weekends of intense, explosive action, with the final weekend broadcast live via EVETV. You can listen to Qualifying Round 1 this weekend, September 5 and 6, and Qualifying Round 2, September 12 and 13, on EVE Voice as well as on EVERADIO, Split Infinity Radio and New Eden Radio. Then EVETV takes the reins, broadcasting the final weekend live on September 19 and 20. To make sure you can watch the stream, check out this awesome teaser! For more information on radio shows, prizes and match schedules check out and listen to the first official Drone Bay Podcast. Gentlemen, start your engines!