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Doriam II Memorial Service in Amarr

2005-07-11 - By Svarthol

After almost a week of mourning following the assassination of Amarr Emperor Doriam II, the Curatores Veritatis Alliance hosted a Memorial Service at the Emperor Family Station in Amarr.

Amongst the about 175 attending were pilots from both the Curatores Veritatis and Aegis Milita Alliances as well as numerous loyal Amarr citizens. But not only amarrians had gathered to honour their late emperor - among the attendees were also Hellcore, Cold Lazarus, Derran and Sarkos from Ushra’Khan, who all were granted at temporary amnesty.

The Memorial Service was led by CVA Vice-Admiral Ethidium Bromide, who described the untimely passing of emperor Doriam II as “God’s ways are not for us mortals to understand”. Following his words PIE forces fired salutes before Lord Niviss of the Imperial Chancellor’s office spoke to the pilots present.

During his speech Lord Niviss called Doriam the second “ a man of single-minded vision and a man of the people, maintaining the sage teaching of his predecessor to create a world that would benefit ALL within the confines of the Empire” and a “divine example for all Amarrians”. With the identity of the emperor’s assailants still unknown, Lord Niviss referred to them as “despicable transgressors that have portrayed this lowest and debased of crimes - a hunted existence cumulating in a befitting end shall be their reward. They shall prove a fitting example for all those who wish to defy imperial decree.” Concluding his speech he urged the attendees to “come together in joyous prayer in memory of our great Emperor. Let his life be an example to all, and may he courage and inspirational leadership be an example for generations to come - Amen”

Following Lord Niviss’ speech and outbursts of grief and loyalty to the Amarr Empire by numerous pilots, CVA forces warped to the Amarrian Monument at the third planet to kneel and pray. Upon their return Vice Admiral Ethidium Bromide was available for a few questions.

“Now, as the service is over, what are your thoughts?”

“My personal thoughts are that it was an impressive ceremony and I can only hope I did it just. I am impressed with the number of loyal citizens, outside the CVA, and guests who attended it. It was also good to see, that some of our enemies have shown up and payed their respect. I would also like to thank Lord Niviss and the Imperial Chancellor for upgrading this memorial service with his presence.”

“With respect to the presence of people you under normal circumstances consider as enemies. Do you know how many attended and could you explain why you allowed them to attend the service?”

“I counted six of them at the Emperor Station, four from Masuat'aa matari and two from RCS Assault Squad. We decided to put a temporary cease fire into effect for Amarr, when representatives of those two corporations had expressed their wish to pay their respect to Doriam II today. They have often earned our respect on the battlefield and although they are enemies their presence shows that they are honourable and that not all hope for the Matari people is lost.”