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Dozens believed dead as explosion rocks Egbonbet station

2007-05-24 - By Svarthol

At approximately 22:50 EVE Time last night, a bomb exploded in the Republic Parliament Bureau station in Egbonbet, the station scheduled to host the next round of talks between the Minmatar Republic and the Ammatar Mandate. The explosion tore into a civilian habitat section of the station and severed several transport corridors, catching the Ammatar delegation and killing one of the Mandate consulate members.

According to Republic Security officials, the bomb was a crude high-yield device which somehow went undetected by their security sensors until the time of activation. While the target seems to have been the Ammatar delegation, the bomb is also believed to have caused significant civilian casualties, reportedly numbering in the dozens, although the Republic have yet to release any concrete numbers. The Republic security on the station were quick to react to the explosion and contain its aftermath, saving many lives.

Evidence at this time suggests that the bombing was executed by the organization known as ‘The Bloody Hands of Matar,’ a terrorist group who have kept a low profile lately but, with this act, have propelled themselves back into the media spotlight. In a public statement released shortly after the explosion they went on to claim responsibility, stating:

“We will not sit idly by while our Republic kowtows to these race traitors who sold us out to the Amarr and even now keep our people in bondage. How dare we seek terms with these scum? It is a grave dishonour to the sacrifice of the great rebellion. Have we learned nothing? What we do, we do for Matar. There will be no peace with the Nefantar traitors.”

A flurry of activity followed in the aftermath of the explosion as the Ammatar quickly evacuated their people from the station, retrieving their fallen and racing back to Mandate territory under the guard of the Ammatar capsuleer corporation Delictum 23216, who have been providing security for Mandate personnel since the talks began. The future of the talks is deemed very uncertain at this point. Voices have been heard from within Ammatar accusing the Republic of murder and treachery, while the Republic has declared its abhorrence of the act, pointing out that many of their own died in the explosion and that they will not rest until they have tracked down and brought these terrorists to justice.

According to an anonymous source from within the Republic Parliament, diplomatic channels remain “open but extremely fragile.”