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Dreaded Collective - New Update

2020-08-17 - By CCP Dopamine

Collective Capsuleers,

The Dreaded Collective update coming on 25 August will bring a number of changes to Triglavian vessels, including ammo damage upgrades to the Zirnitra that will make it a strong competitor against other Dreadnoughts. There will also be adjustments to elements of the Kikimora, Leshak, Vedmak and Draugur, bringing further balance to Triglavian ships, so keep an eye out for further information on the changes coming as part of this update soon!

These changes will have an impact on fleet doctrines, affect meta, and add further usability to specific vessels. You can log onto the Singularity Test Server to check out the coming updates to these ships now!

For more information about the changes and discussion from the testing, please head over to EVE Online forums.