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Dreadnoughts & Jump Drives

2005-06-28 - By CCP TomB

This is an important read for anyone who wants to build himself a Dreadnought, for private use or for retail, and use its jump drive capabilities. Jumping between solar systems without operating a stargate is limited to ships with build-in jump drives (yup it's not a module), only Dreadnoughts will have these in the upcoming patch.

This is the important part:* Dreadnoughts are too big for stargates; the only way for them to enter another solar system will be by using jump drives.

  • Jumping into a solar systems that has 0.5 security or higher won't be possible.
    • Jump Drives have limited jump range based on the ship type and character skills.
      This means: avoid building Dreadnoughts in solar systems of security 0.5 or higher (Yulai for example) as your Dreadnought might get stuck there if it can't communicate with solar systems because of distance. You don't want your precious Dreadnought to be stuck in 1.0 and the only thing it can do is mine.

Herer are more details on the jumping process:

The Jump to Point
Jump Drives don't allow players to jump to another solar system without a "beacon" on the other side, the beacon is a pilot that has to be present in the desired jump-to solar system. He also has to be in gang with the jumper, and activate a fitted "Cynosural Field Generator" module.
Activating the "Cynosural Field Generator" module will enable all pilots with onboard jump drive to jump to him if all criteria are met. The pilot opening the portal will be left in a stand still (0 max velocity + can not warp) for the module duration. It also creates a bracket, aka in-space icon, visible anywhere in the solar system with a warp-to option. The module also requires Liquid Ozone to be present in the pilots cargo hold for activation; it eats an amount per duration and can be reduced with the "Cynosural Theory" skill that the module requires.

To Jump
In order for the jump drive to activate, three criteria must be met, which are:

  • Enough capacitor - base jump requires 95% of the capacitor which can be reduced with a skill
  • Enough racial [Ice] Isotopes located in the cargo hold for a given jump (Oxygen Isotopes for Gallente Dreadnought for example) - amount costs per light year and can be reduced with a skill
  • Solar System within jump range seen on the world map in 3D (unflattened view) - jump range of Dreadnoughts can be increased with a skill

Fly safe, watch out where you jump, and don't jump without knowing you can get your ship back to refill it with jumping ices (or have buddies carrying them). No fun to be stuck in random solar system with no fuel to get to a station. No fun.