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Drone Regions Could Suffer Without Extracted Alloys

2012-04-25 - By Svarthol

The Drone Regions have undergone a dramatic reshaping as CONCORD begin issuing bounties upon the destruction of Rogue Drones. In line with this change, valuable extracted drone alloys are no longer available.

Zazhas, an officer within Ethereal Dawn [ED], believes that these changes will bring about “more co-operation" between miners and combat pilots. When it comes to manufacturing, he feels that while transport of goods can be problematic in null-sec, these changes may require a few more imports.

Syndic Naismith, a member of Broken Toys [FUHRD], believes that the changes will hurt budding industrial alliances that used the Drone Regions as an industrial hub for manufacturing, but also concedes that the amount of minerals made available by drone alloys did provide Drone Region industrialists with an unfair advantage.

While CONCORD pays bounties in line with the destruction of other null-sec pirates, combat pilots have pre-emptively commented that Rogue Drones apparently drop very little items of value and as such both industrial and combat pilots may struggle.

While alliances move in and out of null-sec space all the time, some entities such as Ethereal Dawn are there to stay and it is those that hope the Drone Regions will not become a mass wasteland of poverty and destruction.

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