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DUST 514 moving to Singularity on August 17

2012-08-17 - By CCP Phantom

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In preparation of settling DUST 514 into the New Eden Universe we are moving DUST 514 from its current server 'Bigben' to the Singularity test server on August 17, 2012.

Our Singularity test server will be offline during the deployment of the server side DUST 514 integration. Singularity will be inaccessable for EVE clients from 15:00 UTC on August 17 for several days. Due to the complexity of this task we cannot give a more precise downtime schedule and we might well extend or shorten the downtime. During this downtime EVE players cannot connect to the Singularity test server.

While this step towards the full integration of DUST 514 into the New Eden Universe is a major milestone, please be aware that at this moment we focus on the server side integration first and that the EVE Online client side integration will follow later. This means that after the Singularity downtime you won't be able to blast from space with orbital strikes nicely interact with DUST mercenaries even though they will populate the New Eden Universe on the test server.

Please note that this downtime with the following server side integration affects only the Singularity test server and that the Tranquility server is not affected.

This will be the first time that we deploy DUST 514 and EVE Online together on a public test server, so we eagerly anticipate your feedback on performance and defects. A thread for your feedback from the Singularity test server is available here.