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E-ON Awards tickets now on sale

2007-05-30 - By Zapatero

Oh, happy day! Tickets are now on sale for the E-ON Awards in London on July 8th for £59, (or rather $118, as the EVE Store doesn't do good old pounds or pence, for some reason). It promises to be a spectacular night and we've had a fair few meetings to discuss the audio/visual requirements and deciding what banners to hang up around the place for when the crowds come gushing through the door to see who won what, who failed miserably and what they actually look like in real life. The whole enterprise is becoming quite a logistical headache, but a nice one, insomuch as any headache can be pleasant.

The venue is booked, the food is ordered, and we have a schedule of what's happening when – more or less. What I'm most nervous about is having all my shaggy locks cut off, seeing as I'm probably going to be dressing all smart and posh-like for the ceremony. Long hair does not look good in a dinner suit.

We’ve got a website set up (www.eonawards.com) to give you more details of the event, the venue, maybe research a few hotel arrangements and to link straight to the ticket sales page so you can beat the rush. It’s quite a thrill to be doing this actually, I mean, it’s not every game that has a dedicated awards ceremony and to be associated with the first of its kind (unless anyone knows better?) is an awesome prospect, and not a little daunting. But the potential for both a rewarding experience to the benefit of EVE and a rollicking good night of beer, food, community and beer is what keeps us all going.

Now, to the hair salon!

And don't forget to VOTE!!!