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E-ON: Issue #001 - Construction Complete

2005-09-28 - By Zapatero

Last week the first ever issue of EON magazine was completed and as I write this the pages are rolling off the presses. European buyers should expect the mag to arrive in their mailboxes before October 6th, while those in other parts of the globe should get it around October 9th. Mail delivery organizations being what they are, you may like to add a couple of days to the ETA, just in case. But then, who knows, it may even arrive early.

There’s still time for those who’ve been holding off making a purchase. Don’t wait forever though, once the limited stock is depleted that’s it! We may have the only BPO, but this is a limited run. You can purchase here, or, for those that don’t wish to or aren’t able to purchase by credit card, you can also acquire copies through Sinclair-Software in Germany.

I’m confident that those who’ve bought EON will enjoy it. Moreover, I expect that when those same people are old and grey and the Internet has been superseded by some nano-fibre infinity neuro-web, EON will be a lasting chronicle to what was achieved in some far off galaxy, long, long ago. So when the mag arrives and downtime is nigh, turn off your PC, make a drink, find a comfy chair and enjoy.

I’d like to say here that making the first issue of EON has been an absolute blast. I must thank the guys at CCP and those in the EVE community who contributed screenshots, allowed me to interview them, those who submitted ads and the many offers of help that were received. Most of all I’d like to name a few people, who instead of play EVE, were happy to spend countless hours writing and generally making my job easier, specifically Winterblink, Kaaii, DigitalCommunist, Istvaan Shogaatsu and Avven Jax. Thanks chaps!

I look forward to reading your feedback. Oh, yes, and you may like to tune into EVE Radio this Sunday evening 1700(GMT) for another edition of Desert Asteroid Disks. Apologies in advance for my slurred comments – I was tired, ok! ;)

FYI: Issue #002 is in development.