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E-ON: So close, you can almost read it

2005-08-22 - By Zapatero

I’m pleased to announce that the first issue of E-ON is close to completion and will be going to press next month with a view to mailing out issues October 1st. Pre-orders and discounted annual subscriptions are available through the EVE Online Store

As you can see the cover feature for Issue #1 focuses on ‘Kali’, specifically Titans and Carriers; the two big new mommas that will be completing the line-up of Capital Class ships. I’ve been relentlessly badgering Oveur for info on these massive ships and the changes they will instigate and whilst I don’t think we can claim to have everything you’d want to know, we have everything EVE’s Producer was prepared to reveal (and certainly a couple of things he wasn’t ;)

I won’t list what’s on each and every page, in any case not all the pages are quite finished. One in particular we’ve barely started: That’s because it requires some audience participation:

What we’re after is a load of digital snaps of you guys (or gals) looking as near-as-dammit identical to your in-game selves. If it means you have to wear clothes you’re not used to, suck your cheeks halfway down your throat or borrow your sister’s (or brother’s) make-up, all the better. Then, when you think you’re the spitting image of your online alter ego, strike a pose, get someone to take the picture and send it in. When we have all the candidates, we’ll decide upon the most impressive doppelgangers and print them in the first issue of the magazine for all to see. Top dog (or cat) will win a prize.

When you send your image, please include in your email your character name, your real name, age, where you’re from (ie London, England) and your answer to the following question:

What new feature or improvement would you like to see to EVE over the next few months?

Rules: Send images to zapatero@btinternet You have 7 days. Image tweaking by digital means is allowed. Amarr nationals wearing hoodies may be disqualified – too obvious. ;) You have 7 days… tick tick.

As a final reminder regarding player-ads the deadline is closing fast. If you wish your ad to be considered as one of the five free ad pages you need to get your entry in before 26th August. For the winners there will be some tweaking allowed up until 2nd September. Send your pdfs to ads@mmmpublishing . The details again: A4, CMYK with crop marks and bleed.

Thanks in advance :)