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Electronic Parts research under investigation

2005-10-18 - By Svarthol

THE FORGE. Alerted by growing concern among Caldari pod-pilots, the Caldari CBT launched a formal investigation into the “Electronics Parts” research effort.

After requesting and receiving access to Sukuuvestaa facilities in Josameto, investigators Lt. Sance and Sgt. Pops conducted an armed raid at the lab where researchers Mr. Vance and Mr. Vics were supposedly conducting their “first prototype of our 'Brain Wave Control Technology', aimed at ridding the EVE cluster of criminals”, according to Mr. Vance’s previous statements in public Caldari FTL comm channels.

“The room had been recently evacuated,” said Lt. Sance. “We found some perfectly legal brain scanning equipment and a few scraps of paper; other than that, we were unable to locate any leads about the nature of the research efforts, let alone proof about it being harmful or otherwise illegal.”

“We have interviewed many pod-pilots present on the comm channels at the time and no one could provide us with conclusive evidence that either Mr. Vance or Mr. Vics were engaged in illegal activities or requesting illegal products. Buying electronic parts is no crime in the State."

According to Sgt. Sance, although the investigators are aware that both scientists have been reported requiring help from pod-pilots to continue with their research at the TransStellar Shipping storage station in Rens, no effort will be done to contact them in Minmatar space.

“While the public statements made by the researchers were enough to call for an investigation inside Caldari space, without further proof of Mr. Vance and/or Mr. Vics being actively engaged in illegal activities there is nothing we can officially do now that they are out of our jurisdiction. Caldari citizens concerned in this matter should get in contact with Republic authorities.”