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Emergency teams in Aset ready to begin rescue dig

2008-11-01 - By Svarthol

Aset - Emergency teams at the site of the recent disaster at the Minmatar Mining Corporations (MMC) asteroid mine in Aset have reported to press that they are ready to begin excavation and extraction of survivors.

"The survey of this site has been particularly challenging due to severe interference from the centre of the mine" head of emergency operations, Khalial Vik, reported "but with the help from the Republic Fleets engineering teams we have successfully determined the safest location and route to begin excavating into the asteroid itself."

Khalial Vik went on to say that the team had managed, assisted by the equipment provided by the ever growing Republic Fleet science and engineering teams, to get in touch with a few isolated DOMUs [Deep Ore Mining Units] and that the crews were alive, with only some minor injuries reported.   His teams however are unable to open communication with crews closer to the epicenter of the collapse but Khalial Vik said that "there is every hope that these crews are still alive".

Questions about the exact cause of the collapse in a geologically inert asteroid have remained unanswered.  The Republic Fleet stated that it continues to maintain a strict security cordon, and is controlling all data leaving so that it can maintain the secrecy of the sites exact location while rescue efforts continue.