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Empire condemns “Republic aggression”

2008-05-31 - By Svarthol

The Amarr Empire has issued a statement condemning the Minmatar Republic for the Yulai Incident. The statement reads in full:

"The Amarr Empire wholeheartedly and unequivocally condemns the Minmatar Republic for its hostile actions against CONCORD. The Amarr Empire is a staunch supporter of CONCORD and provides a large amount of funding and technology in return for the safety and peace they have established throughout the cluster. The Empire has long been a promoter of peace.

The Republic once again proves to be a hypocritical institution of hate, claiming good intentions while secretly engineering hostilities against others. They threaten CONCORD, an institution supported by the peaceloving Amarrian people, and claim that we are the bloodthirsty ones. It is both shocking and worrying. The Empire urges all other peace-loving societies to denounce these actions immediately. Similarly, the Empire urges CONCORD to levy harsh sanctions against the Republic for its actions."

The statement did not acknowledge the Republic's claims of innocence in the matter, nor comment on the presence of Thukker Tribe ships alongside those branded with the Republic Fleet emblem.