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Empire Moves to Deny CONCORD Claims as Internal Investigation Continues

2005-12-12 - By Svarthol

The Ministry of Internal Order this afternoon published a report summarizing the progress of the Empire’s investigation into the death of Amarr Emperor Doriam II.

According to the report, significant progress has been made in uncovering the identities of the Emperor’s killers, though several key people remain at large. In addition, the report claims that no high-ranking personnel in any known agency or organization within or outside the Empire appear to be involved at this point in time.

The report also states that no evidence has been found to back up internal memorandums said to have been leaked from CONCORD headquarters in August, claiming parties within the Khanid Kingdom were behind the Emperor's assassination. Furthermore, the report states, CONCORD investigators may have jumped to conclusions based on spurious evidence.

“At the time, we believed we had sufficient leads to warrant a public statement. We were asked to produce results, and the leads we had at the time seemed solid enough for us to take the course of action we did,” stated Banniskore Zabulugi, DED Director of Intelligence, who has since July headed the CONCORD investigation into the Emperor’s death.

Meanwhile, Khanid Kingdom officials have consistently moved to deny any involvement, expressing bafflement at the actions of CONCORD investigators. “Not a shred of evidence was found," stated a high-level Khanid source. "Barring one leaked memo from a file clerk - whose motivation is not ours to guess, but whom we have been convinced has been released from his duties – the allegations were found to be completely baseless.”

The Kingdom has also in recent months moved to consolidate its relationship with the Amarr Empire, stepping up its role as trade intermediary as Amarr corporation stock dwindles in the absence of an Emperor. “They’re completely absorbed,” said the Khanid source. “With the Succession Committee and their own internal investigation taking all their attention, they’re barely remembering to feed themselves, let alone their nation.”